Bankers, "Gawd Bless Yer, Sir"

  spider9 22:59 06 Jan 11

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Good to see we are actually 'all in it together'!!

  Spark6 23:32 06 Jan 11

We are, problem is - some of us are in deeper than others! We can't afford to lose these profligate banks to other countries, or can we?

  spuds 00:50 07 Jan 11

I wonder how many owners of bankrupt business's thinks this is true justice, especially after the recent bail-outs?.

  Kevscar1 07:49 07 Jan 11

I don't mind them having big bonus providing the peson who recieves it and the person who authorises it each become 50% financially responsible if the deal goes sour.

  Quickbeam 08:19 07 Jan 11

They believe in the premise of charity beginning at home, on their own doorstep in fact...

  morddwyd 08:29 07 Jan 11

While I freely admit I'm prejudiced against him anyway, how many more times will Cameron be "resigned" to breaking, or at least not fulfilling, election promises?

  interzone55 08:52 07 Jan 11

Every single election promise from all the parties were entirely based on finger in the air guesses.

"Ohh, I know we'll shut down all the Quangos and save £1bn. That's a nice round number, no one will realise it's a wild guess."

Forum etiquette prevents me saying just what I think about CamClegg...

  Legolas 08:55 07 Jan 11

Surely the con/dems must hold some sort of record in managing to break so many pre election promises in the shortest time after gaining power. A report on Sky News last night was reporting that the LibDem support had fallen to 7% I am surprised it is that high. At least you know what to expect from the Toerags...sorry Tories but the libdems have just totally sold out for a taste of power. They were unelectable before now they are just despised as the party that has sold out their core beliefs for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

  Legolas 09:00 07 Jan 11

It really grates on me, when trying to juggle my ever decreasing resources to hear people like Cameron and osborne state that "we are all in it together" al I can say to that is....large dangly things....what do they know about struggling to make ends meet, less than nothing.

  spider9 09:43 07 Jan 11

Vince Cable must be squirming a bit, after his continuous pronouncements about bank bonuses.
Wonder if he'll have the guts to resign this time?
Not since he's become a 'celebrity' I suppose.

  Snec 10:31 07 Jan 11

It's just amazing is it not?

If my company was going bust and I borrowed money off you to keep afloat and then I paid myself and my staff huge bonuses I'm fairly sure there would be some action you would take against me. I am certain if I then told you that without us my company wouuld not be profitable then you'd probably seek to get me certified.

These banking people are no different to Nick Leeson and he went to jail for just the same thing as these bankers -- using other peoples money to gamble with, and losing it. What they are doing should be crime but the fact is that Government is using our money to reward them for failure. Brown, Cameron -- it matters not, they are all in politics to carry out their own agenda, and it ain't looking after the country or the working people who keep providing the money.

We are all Muggins - each and every one of us.

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