Bank/credit card charges

  joel6429 20:58 13 Jun 07

I am on digital banking with my bank which is also the supplier of my credit card. I was recently charged £12 for a late payment on the credit card. I pointed out to the call centre operator(somewhere in Asia) that I had instructed my bank on the 1st of the month to make a payment on my credit card due by the 4th of the month. His reply was that it takes for 4 days for a payment to clear, despite the money being deducted from my bank account on the 1st.
I may now change suppliers!!

  STREETWORK 22:31 13 Jun 07

4 days to clear digital banking is absolute rubbish. I pay my telephone bill on-line via my bank and other bills and its instant. You really must challenge this with the credit card company. It may take 4 days for a cheque to clear.

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