Bank Holiday

  morddwyd 19:18 31 May 10

For the second successive bank holiday (because it happens every four weeks, and always on a Monday) I have spent the day having an injection in the back of my eyeball.

I must say that as an activity it does not rate very highly on my list of happy bank holiday memories!

  Quickbeam 19:20 31 May 10

Well, you might as well have it done on a day that's guaranteed to be miserable... then it's not wasted;)

  Forum Editor 19:22 31 May 10

the next time I say that I would rather stick pins in my eyes than do something.

  jakimo 19:40 31 May 10

Could it be that your a practicing member the local voodoo sect.

  onthelimit 19:42 31 May 10

I'll keep my eye open for you.

  ams4127 21:00 31 May 10

"Bank Holiday"...."Injection"...."Back of my eyeball"

That's my barbeque gone!!

  spuds 21:29 31 May 10

And there's still some people who complain about the NHS.

  Big L 266 21:42 31 May 10


Thats sounds extremely painful morddwyd. I do hope the after-effects are settling down and all is well now.

Big L 266

  morddwyd 07:22 01 Jun 10

Thanks for the sympathetic remarks!

Just in case anyone else is facing the same treatment, it sounds much worse than it is.

Obviously the eye is anaesthetised (wow, spell checker didn't fire up!) and all you feel is a slight stinging sensation, similar to a piece of grit in the eye.

Cup of tea and taxi home. Less than half an hour start to finish. The last time I had it the taxi was a bit early and I was actually having my cup of tea by the original time of my appointment.

The eye stings a bit for the rest of the day, similar to the piece of grit again, but that's about all.

  jack 09:22 01 Jun 10

What is the problem there?
I have recently had the results of this years retinography- It's started they say but nowt to worry about - yet- and incipient cataracts but not ready enough either- may be all associated with my glare bleat recently.
I long ago recall bank holiday outings and the queues to get home on the dual carriage ways from the coast - 40 odd years ago.
In recent years- we decided to keep our heads down at home - because everyone else is queuing on the motorways to get to some place- and this little homestead it suck in the middle of a triangle of M25.River crossing. Bluewater/A2- and boy do they queue

  morddwyd 11:31 01 Jun 10

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