Bank Charges

  Bingalau 08:54 15 Aug 07

This is from the Journalist (Money Expert) Martin Lewis. I have an idea that our FE may delete it but am taking a chance he may not.

IMPORTANT! Petition Gordon Brown about Bank Charges! Hiya, today the bank charges campaining groups are collectively launching a new reclaiming charter, which we want Gordon Brown to support. Pls sign the Petition on no.10's website and read the new Bank Charges Reclaiming Charter. It's all about getting genuine reclaimers' voices heard; the recent decision by the regulator, the FSA, to suspend reclaiming was done without any prior consultation.

Please tell everyone who may support it to sign up. Those in the process of reclaiming or looking to start should read the full Bank Charges Guide & Bank Charges Reclaiming: What Now? articles.

And please spread the word about this site. This site has two aims; to save people money with the best deals on anything & everything, and to stop big companies unfairly taking our cash. The more MoneySavers there are, the more effective it becomes. Please spread the word and suggest friends and family get this free e-mail from

  Stuartli 09:09 15 Aug 07

I've been getting the weekly e-mails almost since they first commenced being sent out - the latest arrived last night.

  Kate B 09:30 15 Aug 07

Hm, much as I respect the work that Lewis does to get people to think about their personal finances, I think that email from him counts as spam. Sorry, Bingalau, I know you meant well by posting it, and thanks for that.

  smokingbeagle 11:30 15 Aug 07

The FSA has suspended reclaimimng of charges while a test case is decided. The point of law in dispute is I think, whether the charges are a Penalty (unenforceable in Contract Law) or Liquidated Damages (which is enforceable).
If anyone thinks that the banks will not recoup any loss of income, then they are mistaken.
More than likely, they will charge fees for Current Accounts and Credit cards. I see no reason to pay for people who have unauthorised overdrafts or are late with repayments.

  newman35 12:02 15 Aug 07

Completely agree, never had any bank charges levied on me at all - because I only spend what I know I've got.

  sunny staines 14:10 15 Aug 07

an excellent site, i signed up for his emails ages ago and saved loads as a result. best finance advice site.

  Teaboy 17:19 15 Aug 07

Kate B much as I respect your efforts on the forum, to label Martin Lewis's mail as spam is naughty on two counts.

1- One does not receive mail from mr Lewis unless it is requested, and spam is by definition, mail that is not requested.

2- A private opinion isn't necessarily true, although you are welcome to express it, as a private opinion.

I shall now burn my copy of the Guardian!

  Bingalau 18:20 15 Aug 07

Teaboy. I think Kate B was telling me that I was using it as spam. Not Mr Lewis.

  Forum Editor 19:42 15 Aug 07

I'm pretty certain that Kate was referring to the fact that once you sign up for email from a site you tend to get swamped by it, and although, strictly speaking, you've agreed to receive email it can be overwhelming from some sites - they are given an inch, so they take a mile, hence the spam reference.

  Bingalau 20:59 15 Aug 07

FE. That is true, but That nice Mr. Lewis only spams me once a week as per agreement. He gives good advice as well.

What I was doubtful of, was whether the petition would be allowed.

  Kate B 23:58 15 Aug 07

Peter has got it right about what I meant, sorry not to be clear.

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