Ban On Women Drivers

  wids001 18 Jun 11

Just found out via today's newspapers that in Saudi Arabia women are banned from driving.

Perhaps we should do the same over here ... it would stop the school run!

  Kevscar1 18 Jun 11

Then we should also cut the hand off of theives as well.

  Proclaimer 18 Jun 11

that is nothing new. During the Gulf War (90-91) it was fun though to see Women Drivers from HM Forces drive down the road.

  wiz-king 18 Jun 11

It would cause mass unemployment among the lower mainly immigrant classes, many of them earn money as drivers, doing the school run, taking women shopping and so on. More unrest!

  Clapton is God 18 Jun 11

"in Saudi Arabia women are banned from driving"

I thought that in Saudi Arabia (a country barely out of the Stone Age) women are banned from doing most things except from walking 4 paces behind their husbands.

  Cymro. 18 Jun 11

Clapton is God " banned from doing most things except from walking 4 paces behind their husbands" Several paces ahead of him if they are crossing a minefield!

  Forum Editor 18 Jun 11

Lots of women drive in Saudi Arabia, but they often tend to wear male head-dress to disguise the fact.

Openly defying the ban for a few days may attract a lot of media attention, but sadly I doubt it will get the law changed.

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 11

.....and how can this be banned in the Koran, when it was written hundreds of years before the invention of the car? I think Saudi is the only Muslim country to impose this.

  Forum Editor 18 Jun 11

".....and how can this be banned in the Koran.."

Who says it is?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18 Jun 11

Certainly wouldn't want to ban my wife from driving.

She drives me to drink

Luckily see drives me home again afterwards :0)

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 11

'Who says it is?'

Well, they always seem to use the Koran as the exuse for more submission of women.


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