BAe Merger

  morddwyd 13 Sep 12

Anyone else having misgivings about the possible merger of BAe and EADS?

I know size is now everything to compete on world markets, but although it's a merger it surely cannot be good for British industry?

EADS is the bigger partner and BAe could be inexorably subsumed.

The French have an enviable record in looking after French jobs.

  Aitchbee 14 Sep 12

I heard about the proposed merger on Radio4 this morning. It looks like a great idea [on paper] but with so many countries involved in both companies namely Britain / United States / France / Germany and to a lesser extent Spain, it's going to be very tricky to keep everybody happy if they decide to go ahead with the merger.

  johndrew 14 Sep 12

With BAE having only a 40% share of the proposed merger, I think it likely the French and Germans will be in the driving seat - the Spanish are only a small partner by comparison. This could easily cause problems for the UK employees and political difficulties with the USA as BAE owns and is partnered with US military suppliers there. I am ignoring all the overseas customers that BAE has who may not wish to deal with other European countries.

From my immediate perspective, there is also a concern if the BAE pension schemes become involved either with other EADS schemes or with attempting to get funds from EADS.

One day someone will realise that big isn't necessarily better, cheaper or more politically acceptable.

  morddwyd 14 Sep 12


My point exactly.

The French, the major partner, are not well known for their attempts to keep everyone, other than the French, happy!

One hopes our aircraft industry is not about to go the same way as our shipbuilding and motor industries.

  Woolwell 14 Sep 12

It is not just aircraft but shipbuilding BAe build ships, including submarines at Barrow.

This merger is fraught with difficulties and should be blocked. 2 articles of interest Telegraph 13 Jul and Telegraph minefield await

  johndrew 15 Sep 12

I had a flyer from BAE Systems today providing information on some aspects of the proposed merger. One I found very interesting is that as a result of the BAE dividends being larger than those paid by EADS, those paid by BAE in the future would be held down and extra paid to EADS shareholders. Seems to me BAE shareholders will not get the best end of this deal if it goes through.

  Aitchbee 15 Sep 12

An anagram of BEA EADS MERGER is :-


There might be something in that!

  Strawballs 17 Sep 12

morddwyd BAE own most of what's left of the Shipbuilding Industry in Britain, I work for them at what was VT Shipbuilding in Portsmouth

  Strawballs 06 Oct 12

Should not believe everything you see in Tory rags

Nrews reports of failure false

  Strawballs 06 Oct 12

I'm hoping it does not happen because I'm I work for BAE and the French will always look after their industry and the British Government don't so I could see us loosing out if it goes through!!

  Strawballs 07 Oct 12

Where I live there used to be a factory that produced TV's owned by Ferguson they sold out to a French company Thompson who then took that factories full order book transferred it to one of it's factories on the continent and shut the British factory down, in France that would be illegal so please don't tell me the British Government looks after it's industry as well as the French!!


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