Backing up.

  Pidder 11:26 16 Dec 05

Just as a matter of interest, 59 years ago today I started work as a Junior Clerk, posh name for "office boy". Although our letters were typed and carbon copies taken,one of my jobs was to copy them again in a large tissue-leaved book using damp cloths and a letter press. Our boss was a belt and braces man, obviously a forerunner of those who advocate "BACKUP - BACKUP-BACKUP" Nothing changes does it. Incidentally, do folks still take carbon copies or does everyone now use wordprocessors? I understand the term "cc" in "Outlook Express" stands for "carbon copy" although I've never used it and don't know what it does.

  scotty 12:05 16 Dec 05

I think of cc as courtesy copy. The person(s) who receice a courtesy copy get the same e-mail as those in the To box. When you are included in the cc you don't expect to have to act on the e-mail, your are included in the distribution just to keep you informed.

  pj123 15:16 17 Dec 05

You may also notice that there is a "bcc" (blind carbon copy) or to quote scotty (blind courtesy copy). If you use bcc then it will appear to the recipient as if they are the only one to receive it.

  Andybear 15:45 18 Dec 05

I'm a legal secretary and, even though I use a word processor, I always take an extra copy for the file and delete the letter etc from the computer once it's been sent. I do this for two reasons:- (1)If we saved everything we did on the computer then it would be overloaded and (2) my boss likes to have copies of everything in each file - it makes it easier for him when working on it.

  Pidder 18:50 18 Dec 05

Hello all, thanks for your responses, very interested. I must try a "cc" (to myself) to see what happens. I must also follow Andybear's practice with my own letters, although don't know where I can file them.

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