On the back of a wristwatch

  €dstowe 12:45 03 Jul 05

It says on the header here "anything that makes the digital world tick".

Well, how about this which I've just heard about from my father.

A friend of his has just bought a new watch from the USA. On the reverse of the case is stamped into the metal:

"For best results use other side."

  Pooke 13:00 03 Jul 05


  spuds 13:32 03 Jul 05

The instructions would not suit a sundial :o)

  Forum Editor 13:36 03 Jul 05

It reminds me of the beer bottle I saw when on a trip to India. The label included a warning:

Do not remove cap with teeth.

  Ancient Learner 14:52 03 Jul 05

Reminds me of the time when there was a push on reading skills and there were printed notices about which said something like 'if you can't read this, phone - - - - to get help.'

  LastChip 15:55 03 Jul 05

seen on a hammer. Hitting your finger with this is likely to cause injury!

  Pooke 16:01 03 Jul 05
  Diemmess 18:59 03 Jul 05

During the season, all chicken dishes will be made with turkey.

I know the americans are terrified of litigation but whoever decided to put that on a watch probably had a sense of humour.Having said that the last car I hired over there had so many of these silly warning stickers on it I began to doubt my own sanity.

  MidgetMan 11:55 04 Jul 05

I do believe that they now put warning stickers on micro wave ovens saying not for drying pets, this is after a woman tried to dry her dog in one and sued when it died!!

I remember having alot of trouble years ago trying to get a modem to connect, in the manuel it stated "if your problem is not covered please log on to "

What a sad world that people seem to have no common sense and need to be warned about every hazard.

  €dstowe 13:11 04 Jul 05

Your quotation reminds me of messages I get on one of my cordless keyboard/mouse setups. Sometimes, the bootup goes slightly wrong (out of sequence) and the input devices aren't detected. After the initial bootup screen a message appears on screen

"No keyboard detected. Press any key to continue."

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