"Baby fight club" on more4!

  theDarkness 22:38 29 Jun 08

Just started watching "Baby fight club" on more4, where a family has trained their son since the age of 2 to fight in organised tournaments, everywhere from the local, to tailand! FFS, lol! Its obvious, whether the kid now enjoys his hobby or not, that the parents are clearly taking advantage to make money. I wonder how long it will take to see this banned in the uk? Edit- just searched on google, some mps are trying to bring it up in parliment in the near future! Could be worse i suppose, noticed tailand has far less fight rules in terms of body protection etc in an organised fight! Not for or against, can see the benefits as well for the kid, but you have to wonder how it might affect them overall starting at such a young age, in terms of personality, aggression etc

  User-994545 22:53 29 Jun 08

turned it of,you,ll always get parents pushing there kids to fill there dreams.thay have dreamt all there lives of being compions never made it,so would like there chilren to. for the reflected glory.it happens with singers,dancers and now boxing.poor little sods,but at least they,re fed

  theDarkness 23:13 29 Jun 08

I guess parents pushing their children into what they want is nothing new, but... it just seems odd watching kids beating each other up for the entertainment of adults, regardless of whether the kids get anything out of it. Kids that are no where near the age of being able to even rent a moderately violent movie! Surely there is something wrong with the law there

  gardener 23:16 29 Jun 08

Isn't this classed as child abuse?

  mrwoowoo 00:43 30 Jun 08

Does anyone really think a young child yearns to make a career out of this violent sport?To get beaten,bloodied and bruised. No off course they don't.Certainly a two year old would never even know about let alone think of training for this barbaric sport.
Perhaps they would get battered and bloodied by their parents if they refused.
Child abuse and exploitation without a doubt.Some of the children were literally pushed crying into the ring because they were scared stiff. I only saw a few trailers of this so don't know how many children cried before entering the ring as i refused to watch it.Actually,the clips made me very uneasy.
How any parent can watch their young child get beaten up is beyond me,let alone arranging it.
The people who go to these contests to watch are not much better either.

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