Awesome pool shots

  jimv7 10:41 19 May 07
  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:20 19 May 07

Totally depressing and bears no relation to the sorry way that I play pool.


  jimv7 11:27 19 May 07

GANDALF <|:-)>

"Totally depressing and bears no relation to the sorry way that I play pool."

You and me both.

  charmingman 13:13 19 May 07

i love stuff like this its taks great skill,steve davis is also a world record holder for pool i love the game & although i cant play like that its still nice to see this type of skill players perform..
not sure whats wrong with gandalf..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:37 19 May 07

If you had read carefully you would have realised that I was quite jealous as I am of the snooker players who can not only belt a ball into the hole but place the white ball exactly where they want it to be. My snooker games are similarly depressing, to me at least.


  powerless 20:28 19 May 07


  simon_lambert 20:48 19 May 07

What you are forgetting Jimv7, is that I bet most pro's could do this kinda stuff too, but these shots done win games. This guy has A LOT of skill, but he has probably got through a lot of tables, and I wonder how many takes it gets to get the trick right? If this guy could string together 100+ breaks, he would be playing pro snooker. Real skill is watching a player pull of an amazing shot, and like Gandalf said, get the white inch perfect on the table.

Maybe I'm just jealous because I could never do that kinda stuff in a million years. The only thing my pool is good for is winning a few pints at the pub (of course, after a few my accuracy tends to wobble!)

  simon_lambert 20:48 19 May 07

Sorry that was meant to be 'don't win games'

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