Awesome photo of US jet buzzing Detroit flats

  simonjary 17:50 16 Jul 09
  user8 18:10 16 Jul 09

I used to go climbing in Wales & it was really sureal when jets came down the valley and were lower than we were on top of a climb!

  laurie53 20:03 16 Jul 09

I wonder what the focal length of the lens was!

  donki 20:27 16 Jul 09

Dunno but the guy on the balcony could have got a pretty cool picture of the pilots eyes :). Nice picture.

  SB23 20:46 16 Jul 09

Cool photo,thanks


I've done that, we use to use a place called Forest Coal Pit as a base. Brilliant days my early teens, but I certainly remember the fighters screaming past.

  rdave13 20:46 16 Jul 09

Hope no-one was on the 'graveyard' shift when that 'plane shot by.

  interzone55 20:58 16 Jul 09

I've had the same thing happen in the Lake District, walking along a hillside and seen a jet fly by below.

I once nearly jump out of my skin when an Apache rose up in front of me - a very frightening aircraft

click here

  octal 21:14 16 Jul 09

I was thinking that as well, quite a long lens, hence the compression, great photo though.

  Armchair 21:16 16 Jul 09

Could be upsetting to relatives of those killed in the 'two towers' attacks, though. Or the Hindenburg disaster.

  bluto1 22:13 16 Jul 09

The 'guy' standing looking into the pilots eyes is a gal. Two pieces of evidence sha's wearing a skirt and the shape of her chest. Unless, of course, .....;-))

  DANZIG 23:22 16 Jul 09

I was driving up to Centre Parcs at Penrith a few years back and nearly crashed the car when quite possibly the fattest helicopter I have ever seen, admittedly I haven't seen THAT many, suddenly shot up from the valley I was driving along the wall of!

Wish I had my camera that day!

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