AV problems ahead?

  bri-an 07:35 02 Jul 10

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The coalition 'fun' will stsrt next May, it appears.
Both Tories and Labour promising to campaign against AV.
If Libs fail to get, what after all was the main thing they joined up for, what do they do then?

Assuming the unemployment figures are going to be bad by then (and the Libs will be getting the blame) who in their right mind will support AV?

  sunnystaines 08:07 02 Jul 10

I have mixed views on AV some pro some not.

[the worst part is a smaller party could hold the two bigger one's to ransom, but on the other hand two parties working together may be more balanced]

I think letting the nation vote on it is a good idea.

  morddwyd 08:19 02 Jul 10

I thought this was to do with the analogue switch off!

  wiz-king 09:19 02 Jul 10

I though it was about a new anti-virus!

  WhiteTruckMan 09:31 02 Jul 10

And I thought someone was having Audio/Video problems.


  bri-an 11:06 02 Jul 10

I am really worried if WTM, our prospective parliamentary candidate, didn't realise the post was about a voting system what does that say about how all us lesser mortals will decide on the issue when the referendum finally takes place. (;-0)

  Toneman 11:14 02 Jul 10

This isn't the referendum we all wanted...

  Pine Man 11:14 02 Jul 10

Never mind about WTM what about google - try a search for AV problems;-)

  interzone55 11:19 02 Jul 10

And what referendum, in your opinion, did we all want?

  Quickbeam 12:08 02 Jul 10

It's part of the price of a stable coalition for 5 years Vs another election in September and everyone voting labour back in 'cause the rotten Tories put the taxes up.

You will have the choice of voting for it, or against it, or being content to not to have any complaints by abstaining in the vote. The choice is yours...

  sunnystaines 13:59 02 Jul 10

no one has seen gordon brown since the election, has he been locked up in the tower of london awaiting to be beheaded for wrecking the country.

on a serious side i hope the lib con pack works keeping both in check.

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