Attention FE

  Kevscar1 24 Oct 12

When I click on contact FE or You in a post nothing happens If I right click contact open in new window a white box appears and the loading sing freezes. If I do it on Forum Editor in a post the page opens in a new window. I need to ask you a qestion about a post I want to make. If you can't contact me through PCA canyou please e-mail me.

(Edited by FE to remove the email address which you included)

  rdave13 24 Oct 12

I'm getting the same problem in IE9. It works in Firefox, though.

  Forum Editor 24 Oct 12

The 'contact forum editor' link works in Google Chrome, and in Firefox, as rdave13 says, but like him - and presumably you - I can't get it to work in IE9.

We'll look into it asap, but in the meantime please email me: [email protected]

I removed your email address from your opening post - not a good idea to publish that in an open forum.

  wiz-king 24 Oct 12

I sometimes have the same problem with IE9 but the contact address in the panel at the bottom of the page works but you have to put in a link to the thread.

  rdave13 24 Oct 12

It's working now in compatibility view. Thanks.

  wee eddie 24 Oct 12

It works for me

  morddwyd 24 Oct 12

Doesn't work in FF for me.

  Strawballs 25 Oct 12

I'm at work using IE8 and it works!

  Mr Mistoffelees 26 Oct 12

"Contact Forum Editor" also works in Opera 12.

  Kevscar1 26 Oct 12

Must be only affecting IE9 just tried again no go

  carver 26 Oct 12

Using IE 9 and everything is OK,


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