Attack on Bush

  laurie53 08:24 16 Dec 08

Probably the most highly protected person in the world but someone not only gets a missile, which could have been a bomb, within a foot of his head, but then has time to bend down and pick up another one and launch it.

I know that total close body protection is impossible, but where were his bodyguards?

They didn't even seem to make a move, the attacker eventually being restrained by his fellow reporters, while Bush was still a standing target in full view.

If I had been Bush security heads would have been rolling before the second shoe hit the floor.

  €dstowe 08:45 16 Dec 08

How many of us cheered with appreciation on seeing the news footage of this incident?

  laurie53 08:54 16 Dec 08

And how many of us were too stupid to see what threat to world stability this could have been?

  newman35 08:55 16 Dec 08

I would suppose that as it was a 'closed' Press conference there would have been plenty of security checks on the way in, so unlikely guns/bombs were available - but a well-aimed shoe does have to be feared, especially in Iraq (where beating with shoes is classed as the worst symbolic treatment, isn't it?).
Bet there's one reported had his 'pass' removed, though!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:55 16 Dec 08

Worst PR evaaaar! Judging by the reaction on the streets in B'Dad, the US Army and the Brit Army might have under-estimated the feelings of the locals....again. 'Hearts and minds'...yeah right.


  €dstowe 09:16 16 Dec 08

The stupidity in world stability was amply demonstrated when Bush first sent his troops into the "shock and awe" conflict.

  Bingalau 09:50 16 Dec 08

The way the news on TV reported it I got the impression the reporter was an octopus. He just appeared to be throwing about six or more shoes. But seriously I thought the re-action of the bodyguard was exceptionally poor. I hope our prime minister has a better quality of bodyguard around him.

  Al94 10:06 16 Dec 08

Not sure I concur with that!!

  robgf 10:38 16 Dec 08

If I was a bodyguard, there are some people I would throw myself in front of to protect and some I wouldn't. Mr Bush is definitely in the latter category.
Do Bush and Blair expect to be popular, they were responsible for an unprovoked invasion of another country.
If my home had been bombed and my wife and children killed, I would throw my shoes at him.

  Chegs ®™ 10:57 16 Dec 08

The reaction from Bush has me struggling to comprehend.What on earth does "it's like driving down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers. ..." mean? I thought Bush spoke english,not gibberish.

  newman35 11:30 16 Dec 08

"I thought Bush spoke english,not gibberish."

Really, have you never seen and heard him in action? I thought everone realised GW spent half his life destroying the English language!

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