Asking for it?

  oresome 17:11 07 Jan 08

Jeremy Clarkson was so sure his personal details wouldn't allow anyone to access his bank account that he published them in a daily newspaper.

He's now £500 lighter as someone has set up a direct debit from his account to the British Diabetic Association.

No doubt Jeremy will welcome the publicity and think it £500 well spent, but the ease with which it was done is a little worrying for some of us less well heeled mortals.

click here;jsessionid=LOCGQ2C4YJMWHQFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2008/01/07/nclarkson107.xml

  oresome 17:12 07 Jan 08

I don't seem to get these links right, but you'll find it from the one given if interested.

  octal 17:18 07 Jan 08
  anskyber 17:24 07 Jan 08

The story is also here click here which is linked on the thread click here

  Forum Editor 18:44 07 Jan 08

It will probably happen to me one day, I've been know to say 'I'll dance naked in Trafalgar square' if such and such a thing happens.

One day I'm bound to get my comeuppance.

  exdragon 19:32 07 Jan 08

Make sure you give us all plenty of warning, please... We'll be there...

  Forum Editor 19:39 07 Jan 08

Count on it.

  Bingalau 19:43 07 Jan 08

FE. You will have to involve a charity if you are going to do that.. Most of us will be willing to pay to see it. (Wonder what the "such and such" was?)

  oresome 19:54 07 Jan 08

Wonder what the "such and such" was?

One of possibly many was if house prices should fall.

I trust the FE is toning his body as we write.

  IClaudio 01:15 08 Jan 08

I won't be there, there's something good on Telly that night....

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