Ashes Day Kick Off

  Quickbeam 10 Jul 13

I do wish that they wouldn't big things up as a walk over just because we dun well at rugby and tennis and the Olympics.

I fear that the Aussies will not roll over for treats as desired, They take being beaten as their inspiration to alter fate. But hey, an easy win isn't a worthy win. But I think it'll be one of the best series in years.

Ashes 2013

There is a quote in that link, "The aim of English cricket is mainly to beat Australia." That's the Ashes in a nutshell.

1]: [click here

  wiz-king 10 Jul 13

More disruption to the normal TV programs - still it does tend to keep to time.

  Aitchbee 10 Jul 13

Latest betting on THE ASHES (series winner):-

England 4/11

Australia 4/1

Draw 11/2

  Aitchbee 10 Jul 13

Jock1e, because it's only on SKY is a good excuse for to go down [or up] to the pub to watch for a half-an-hour or so ;o]

  Quickbeam 10 Jul 13

Luckily cricket is probably the best sport to suit radio commentary. They have all the time in the world to tell, plus Agers' lunchtime and teatime summaries of the play so far keep you well informed. That combined with the BBC website, evening C5 highlights and a day in the flesh (Friday) gives me enough. Unless this new kid, Root, scores a double ton in his first Ashes test. But that'll all be down to the toss...

No schedule disruptions with cricket now that Sky have pinched it wiz-king. The only person I've ever known to watch every ball played of every test match is a friends dad that's been incapacitated from work for the last 20 years. He's had to revert to the radio.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Jul 13

If I never saw cricket played I would be a happy man, that and golf really do not lend themselves to televisual excitement.

  Quickbeam 10 Jul 13

Excitement lies within the loins of the beholder...

  spuds 10 Jul 13

I see the captain of the English team is predicting how a 'hard' game its going to be. Doesn't all governing bodies,captains and supporter's of whatever sport or contest say that?.

Personally when it comes to cricket, I would rather take the dogs for a walk to the local park, and watch the local Asian lad's play the local white lad's on a nice warm and breezy day.

  Quickbeam 10 Jul 13

I just knew that the bogging up tactic was wrong...

  fourm member 10 Jul 13

Is this an ODI?

The BBC has introduced a new one-minute summary of the day. Good luck getting 13(+?) wickets into one minute.

  Quickbeam 10 Jul 13

They didn't envisage a Fay like today!


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