The Ashes

  user8 10:20 06 Jul 09

So can England play like they did in 2005 and regain The Ashes.
Still think Harminson should be playing.
And England play Broad, Anderson, Sidebottom & Swan as their main attack.

  Cymro. 10:33 06 Jul 09

I said in an earlier posting I find team sports too complicated. Cricket is I think an example of what I mean as a too complicated a sport. Well too complicated for me that is. Still enjoy, even for me it has something very British and very summery about it.

  interzone55 11:01 06 Jul 09

DAD, MW and LW won't penetrate the walls where I work, and IT block streaming media, so I'll miss most of the live coverage of the ashes this time, which is very annoying.

I'll have to make do with the highlights on Five...

  Quickbeam 17:30 06 Jul 09

"So can England play like they did in 2005"
They weren't expected to win them over here then, but in Aussieland the next winter series which failed dismally, so anything can happen in the next few weeks...

  Forum Editor 19:18 06 Jul 09

The game is essentially pretty simple. One team tries to score more runs than then other.

click here for the basics.

  laurie53 20:22 06 Jul 09

"The game is essentially pretty simple"

Just remember that you can't be out unless you are in, except when making a run, when you can be either in or out.

If you are out you may be out, but the umpire may decide that you are not.

If you are in you may be out, if the umpire thinks that you were out.

  Quickbeam 21:00 06 Jul 09

You've just confused it unnecessarily now with malice!

  interzone55 09:37 07 Jul 09

Douglas Adams' rules for Brokian Ultra Cricket

click here

A far simpler game than Test Cricket

  jakimo 15:40 07 Jul 09

You forgot to mention that at some time during the proceedings your all out,you then go and have large helpings of tea and cucumber sandwiches

  crosstrainer 22:00 07 Jul 09

Dispite all it's new stands and alterations, is (and I speak as a Welshman here) Not conducive to test cricket,

A decent blow from either end will result in one of two:

1) Ball ends in the Taff

2) Ball ends in Cathedral road

  crosstrainer 23:50 07 Jul 09

It looks complicated on the outside, but it's really quite simple. Bit like Chess with a bat and ball, and You Sir should be @ Sophia Gardens Tomorrow morning...If you have no ticket email me via yellow envelope!!

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