Ash tree die back (Chalara fraxinea)

  passing through 14:56 PM 10 Nov 12

Do we have a arborist or tree experts here? Not sure about our 100year+ ash tree. Watching the news this morning it is advised to call the authorities if you suspect a tree having the disease, well I will ring up on Monday.

Would you kindly look at these pictures and offer an opinion, so I may have a bit more insight when I ring on Monday.

Thank you.

  woodchip 15:01 PM 10 Nov 12

Too Far away you need to look at the Trunk this time of year Leaves will only show next Spring

  passing through 15:27 PM 10 Nov 12

Thanks woodchip. Had a feeling you could help.

The trunk looks clean and the only deterioration has been some of the lower large over hanging branches. These have shown sign of dieing off for quite a few years while the rest of the tree flourishes.

Have taken a few of trunk if you would be kind enough to look over.

  carver 16:39 PM 10 Nov 12

On a tree of that age from the information I have seen the first signs would be the leaves staying on the tree but turning brown, have a look here enter link description here

  woodchip 17:08 PM 10 Nov 12

No sign of cankers on it, unless its at the top. check this link out.



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