Ash cloud 'could cause disruption in UK for 20 yrs

  Uboat 14:42 16 May 10

Oh dear it just gets better...:-(

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  HondaMan 14:55 16 May 10

it's and act of God. Learn to l;ive with it.

No compensation, no refunds, no flights.

Just demonstrates man's inability to combat nature.

  jack 15:06 16 May 10

The Icelandic problem- part of the Atlantic ridge at the conjoin of the N American and Euro plates seems to have a 140 year cycle and it looks as if it is stirring up once more - looks like more 'Staycations' and cruises then.

  csqwared 16:56 16 May 10

this volcano has a twin sister not very far away and the last three times this one has erupted, the other, bigger one has erupted too. It's not so much the holidays that would be the problem, we get a lot of goods imported by air, particularly foodstuffs. I can envisage a price rise or the disappearance of lots of items, particularly fruit, should flights be significantly hampered.

  john bunyan 17:04 16 May 10

According to todays newspapers ther are up to 5 other volcanos that may join in!
See here for some info.

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Maybe good for the cruise trade.

  Þ² 17:43 16 May 10

One of the benefits of holidaying in the UK/Ireland or a cruise as john bunyan says... though I like jack's idea of a 'staycation'.

  Noldi 18:25 16 May 10

At least i get a few extra days off if Gatwick is closed in the morning ;0)))))


  Forum Editor 18:31 16 May 10

Maybe, but devastating for our economy.

  rawprawn 18:36 16 May 10

We are taking our car over to Jersey for the holiday this year, we have an aversion to waiting around in airports.

  octal 19:11 16 May 10

20 years? That is but a blink of an eye in terms of the earth's history, it is possible you could easily put another nought on the end of that 20 years, I sincerely hope not, but how long is a piece of string?

  ams4127 20:54 16 May 10

A lot of manufacturers/suppliers seem to jumping on the volcano bandwagon. I've been waiting for delivery of a digital camera for the last six weeks and, on phoning the company last Saturday, was told, "It's all due to the volcanic ash, sir"

Ho, Hum.

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