Asda and it`s sausages

  Cymro. 19:06 03 Jun 08

The F.M. has already given us his opinion of these ASDA sausages so what do the rest of you make of them?
click here

  Forum Editor 19:11 03 Jun 08

What does it know about sausages?

  peter99co 19:31 03 Jun 08

that's 2002 news

  rdave13 19:32 03 Jun 08

Looked like an old banger..

  Noels 19:36 03 Jun 08

He does like sausages good quality ones that is!
How on earth can they try to sell this rubbish when British pork farmers are struggling like never before and need to sell all the quality pork they can.
British bangers at their best, are the best!

  mikef. 19:44 03 Jun 08

I think Cymro means this story of 2p sausages click here they sound disgusting

  lofty29 19:45 03 Jun 08

How about the 16pence a pound ones that have just been on the tv news. Mind you we like the home made ones from a local butcher

  lofty29 19:48 03 Jun 08

mikef you fingers were faster than mine

  Earthsea 19:51 03 Jun 08

From mikef.'s link, it's interesting what the chef said:

'He also recommended that they be cooked slowly because the water and starch content makes them liable to expand and burst under heat.'

Isn't this what used to happen to sausages due to rationing during the war? It's what gave rise to them being called bangers, and why you had to prick them.

  spuds 19:54 03 Jun 08

I don't know if this counts. But a few months ago, I was in our local Asda supermarket, when a nice young lady with a clipboard began asking me questions about sausages and pork pies that were on display. For a person who was conducting a special survey, she was completely out of her depth, especially when Melton Mowbray was mentioned :O).

For some real right bangers, there's nothing like our local butchers for a very fine selection and range of tasty morsels. One of yesterdays free taster was Old English Pork,Leek,Apple with herbs. Very yummy.

  laurie53 20:14 03 Jun 08

"How on earth can they try to sell this rubbish "

Not only can they try, but they will probably succeed.

People make a lot of noise about healthy eating, food miles and British farmers, but they vote with their purses/wallets (sometimes of necessity, it must be said).

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