The Artists & their Photographs

  jakimo 18:58 05 Aug 09

A standard to strive for

click here

  lotvic 20:25 05 Aug 09

Well I had a look, but am not impressed.
Not to my taste.

  m800afc 21:13 05 Aug 09

Good... don't make I larf.
(Dons tin hat and starts to look at my Ansell Adams books.)

  hssutton 22:56 05 Aug 09

There are some excellent photos on this site, but also a lot that blurs the line between photos and art.

Hare are a sample of my photos click here

  mrwoowoo 01:49 06 Aug 09

As a collective,that's one of the most impressive set of photographs i've seen to date.And i do look at a lot of galleries on Pbase and other sites.
The clarity of the macros, and at the other end of the scale, RAF Waddington,is outstanding.
Thoroughly enjoyed your gallery and have bookmarked it for revisiting from time to time.
Your trip to the Masai Mara must have been something to remember for all time.
Can't let you get too big headed,so one little crib. The photo of the giraffe and the tree was the weakest one as the composition was totally wrong.
Still,one bad one(IMHO,and what do i know?)is very impressive in a gallery that size.
Keep up the excellent work as i'm looking forward to your next batch.

  hssutton 08:08 06 Aug 09

Many thanks for the very nice comments, I've been on safari in Kenya on three ocassions, but the Masai one will always remain in my memory, not just because lions come within touching distance. Seeing a cheeta make a kill, then losing it to a hyena which is a more powerful preditor.

The main reason the Masai will stay in memory is due to the torrenial rain we experienced which turned the Masai into one gigantic lake. The dangers did not come from the wild animals, but from the elements.

  anchor 13:45 07 Aug 09


Harry, I have many of your photographs before and have admired them greatly.

Yours are much more to my taste as they clearly convey what they represent. No doubt there is a following for "arty" pictures, (as in jakimo`s link), but they do nothing for me.

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