Art and the history of computing

  benjiboots 21:19 10 Jul 07

As technology moves on in an exponential manner and we are rapidly moving away from mechanical devices that conduit towards digital ends, isn't it amazing that people are still referring back to the first recorded programmable computing machine i.e. Charles Babbages' Difference Engine which he began in 1822.
Only now they are reproducing it out of lego:
click here
click here For a bigger picture

Or here somebody has made one out of Meccano:
click here

I think that these types of activities represent some form of art. What do you think?

  Stuartli 21:35 10 Jul 07

I haven't the art to tell you...:-)

  realist 21:54 10 Jul 07

I would put this forward as an even more inventive use of Lego:
click here

  Stuartli 22:04 10 Jul 07

My late father, an engineer, served his engineering apprenticeship before the war at the Hornby factory in Binns Lane, Liverpool...:-)

  benjiboots 22:23 10 Jul 07

Hey there realist, I wouldn’t say it was a more inventive use of Lego but thanks for the link because I recall my brother telling me about a Lego version of thriller on you tube and I enjoyed watching it . . . And it made me think that, as I recall, the Thriller video was the first top a budget of $1,000,000. Maybe Lego is the ultimate way to pay homage to ground breaking events . . .

  benjiboots 22:28 10 Jul 07

*** The Thriller video was the first to top a budget of $1,000,000.

Maybe Lego is the ultimate way to pay homage to ground breaking events . . .

  Stuartli 22:28 10 Jul 07

Surely this is the most inventive use of Lego?

click here

  Bingalau 22:32 10 Jul 07

Stuartli. Two of my wife's brothers served their apprenticeship in the same place and that was just before the war too. One of them was there until the place closed down. He used to bring home the prototypes of different railway engines for my eldest boy, now aged fifty. I think he was a "Toolmaker"?? I still have one or two of these prototypes in my attic I think. I wonder what I could get for them on e-bay? I think they were never produced in bulk and may even be "one-offs".

  Si_L 22:33 10 Jul 07

This always came in useful for my RS A2 exam:

click here

Someone called Rev Brendan Smith has re-created the Bible: in lego!

  Si_L 22:35 10 Jul 07

Lol just found a classic one:

click here

  benjiboots 22:44 10 Jul 07

That's definitely art I'd say, just don't reproduce it when your young nephews or neices want to play Lego with you!! rather suggest that it might be more conducive to try to recreate Charles Babbage's Difference Engine or the video to Michael Jackson's Thriller!! Go links though and backs up what I say that Lego is the ultimate tool to recreate great historic moments!!

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