Aren't Britain's prisons already crowded without..

  ajm 23:36 31 Dec 08
  Quickbeam 00:31 01 Jan 09

and you post that?
Happy New Year... see Lauri53's post on the 'in or out tonight' thread... they know how to have a good time in The Valleys y'know:)

  Monoux 11:39 01 Jan 09

To even think about taking on any of these people when our prisons are having to let out criminals early ( with compensation of course ) because of overcrowding beggars belief

  jakimo 12:38 01 Jan 09

Looks as though Obama has got Brown in his pocket already

  sunnystaines 14:15 01 Jan 09

hang em all. problem solved they may be too dangerous to set free but were are so soft in G.B. the courts will let them out the next day then they will all be sponging benefits of us for life.

why can they not be deported to their country of origin.

  The Brigadier 14:33 01 Jan 09

Brown waited so long in the shadow of Blair who was voted in as Prime Minister that he has no real calibre in the world of politics.

  Quickbeam 15:13 01 Jan 09

"hang em all"
But we do need to be absolutely sure they're guilty first... It even seems the evil Dr Crippen could be innocent now click here-

  perpetual motion 15:48 01 Jan 09

I think the BIG question is more so "IF" they serve there time here are they then accepted as a british citizen & free to roam our streets, whilst it is true some of them have never been found guilty BUT even so would u like the fact they are living next door..?

If some of them are innocent then the remaining prisoners are guilty they are from a network of "Cells" that have underground contacts & some of them would take there own lives to proove there point & i for one would not feel safe living in the same town knowing there is some madmen that at the jest of a telephone call would cause mayhem on our streets..

  Monoux 16:17 01 Jan 09

fourm member - I don't run this country and nor do you so it is not up the either of us to come up with a suggestion. According to the article many countries asked to take them have said no.
Perhaps that should be the UK response too, let them go back to their own country and if they are persecuted what concern is it of ours.

  sunnystaines 17:10 01 Jan 09

the hang em was tongue in cheek but i do think they should go back to their own nations despite the risks they may not get fair treatment.

what we do with them we have enough brain wash extremists of various sorts here already.

  Quickbeam 18:50 01 Jan 09

I wasn't really convinced by the story, I don't know why they bother printing papers on 1st January. The only true story on 1st January will ever be 'revelers get bladered in Trafalgar Square' again...

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