Are you working class or middle class?

  ordep 28 Feb 12

I heard an interesting quote on the radio yesterday as to how you define yourself as working class or middle class.

Working class shower in the evening. Middle class shower in the morning.

  wee eddie 28 Feb 12

And those that take a bath!

  wiz-king 28 Feb 12

I must be upper class - I bath once a week (after hunting)in a tin bath in front of the fire. My valet supplies fresh jugs of hot water every 5 minutes.

  Quickbeam 28 Feb 12

I'm lower upper class.

Lower in the pub eating with a fork, and upper in the restaurant when I use a knife as well...

  Aitchbee 28 Feb 12

I'm working class; but I'm so skinny, I've got to run around in the get wet ;o]

  Brumas 28 Feb 12

I think the 'class' sketch from The 1966 Frost Report summed it up hilariously

click here

  Aitchbee 28 Feb 12

Here's more of the same...

...a repeat performance, from 2000.

  The Old Mod 28 Feb 12

I'm retired so where do I stand?

  Blackhat 28 Feb 12

The Old Mod

In the shower! Better seated in the bath.

  The Old Mod 28 Feb 12

Thanks Blackhat, I'll try that next month!

  Quickbeam 28 Feb 12

Will that be milking stool for lower class and Chesterfield suite for upper class bathing?


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