Are you a technology fan?

  Forum Editor 08 Jun 11

That might seem like an odd question to be asking in a computer magazine forum, but there's a method in my madness.

You'll shortly see a post here from a forum member called gadgets_one who is a researcher on a new series for Sky One. The series will be about gadgets & technology, and Owen (that's his real name) wants to find people who might like to be involved.

I'll leave it to Owen to explain in more detail - he'll post soon. Please do not add to the thread until he has done so

  gadgets_one 08 Jun 11

Hi all,

That's right - we're making a brand new series for Sky One and we're looking for anyone who loves gadgets & tech and wants to be on TV.

So, if you'd like to get your hands on the latest tech or design something totally new... it would be great to hear from you.

EMAIL: [email protected]

TEL: 020 3189 3503 (UK only please)

Standard geographic charges apply and calls may be included in your telecom provider’s call package. Calls from mobiles may be higher. Callers MUST seek permission from the bill payer before calling. For the avoidance of doubt, if we invite you to participate in the series, your participation will be subject to signed release.

  Bingalau 08 Jun 11

Owen! I love gadgets but have no intention of appearing on TV. My forum friend Brumas would probably give you the reason why. He reckons my face would stop a clock. he's probably right too. I am looking forward to the program though. I like watching "Click" and other gadget programs and there is room out there for a lot more.

  gengiscant 08 Jun 11

Will this show be similar to the Gadget show on Channel 5 I wonder, full of presenters who believe the only way to get anything across is to shout or scream and generally behave like people who really would be better off on cbeebies or CITV.

I used to be an avid watcher of the Gadget show but it has got more banal and childish each series. Good prizes mind.

I haven't got Sky and I have already been on TV, I was in a Weetabix advert and I was on Crackerjaack (one for the oldies).So I have had my 15 mins of fame.

  Quickbeam 08 Jun 11

Does the address [email protected], indicate that Jim Bowen will be hosting said show?

  Quickbeam 08 Jun 11

...let's see what you would've won;)

  woody 08 Jun 11

Testing - reviewing - reporting - yes - TV no thanks. In any case you probably would not want an old man that looks like "Santa" all year round.

  Nontek 08 Jun 11

Personally I think Owen has come to the wrong place - looking for anyone who loves gadgets & tech and wants to be on TV.

Surely a better place of 'recruitment' would be one or two Colleges/University student/tech departments.

  Chas49 08 Jun 11

I too used to be an avid viewer of the Gadget Show so I completely agree with gengiscant's words. For Pete's sake Owen, don't follow their example.

  Nontek 08 Jun 11

The Gadget Show - make that three who agree!

  Covergirl 08 Jun 11

I enjoy the Gadget Show and Click when I get chance to watch them. There's very little else really, apart from the shopping channels which sometimes rename themselves tech or gadget orientated, however I find the stuff on these channels either overpriced or slightly out of date.

I have always wondered why there has never been a HiFi programme on TV touting the best buys in low, mid and high value hifi separates.


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