Are you still hungry?

  Chronos the 2nd 27 Mar 13

Unfortunately I can no longer eat solid food but bizarrely I enjoy watching cookery programs in particular the Great British Menue which is a odd title for a program given the plates of food served to the judges.

But what has always puzzled me, even when I could eat properly, is even though there are usually 4 courses in these menus', the potion sizes are so small. A dab of this, a smear or that, some sort of foam, a small tower of something with a small cube of fish or meat on the top sitting in a puddle of jus.

Call me an uneducated slob but if I went for a meal I was certainly looking for a plateful, especially the main course, but this seems non-existent in these Michelin starred restaurant's. The four courses do not add up to a plateful.

So after these 'meals' are you still hungry?

Oh and do not get me started on meat that is pink as that just turns my stomach.

  Al94 27 Mar 13

No. For me it's quality over quantity. Meat needs to be of excellent quality and still pink, even red in the middle to appreciate the full flavour. None of the overcooked or cremated rubbish for me!

It's a matter of personal taste.

  Quickbeam 27 Mar 13

I'm not hungry when I leave a restaurant, but then I don't frequent restaurants that do arty farty plate presentation over substance.

  woodchip 27 Mar 13

Do not like uncooked pink red meat, I am not a cannibal or wild animal

  bremner 27 Mar 13

* I am not a cannibal*

I have yet to knowingly be served human flesh in a restaurant.

AL94 I am with you - red meat that is beyond pink is overcooked and all the flavour gone.

  Woolwell 27 Mar 13

You don't leave hungry. The food can be savoured and enjoyed. The service and ambience can be just as important. I find that many of the pub large servings are too big.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 27 Mar 13

Cordon Blue = Art Nouveau

looks very pretty on the plate

often tastes delicious (that depends on your particular tastes)

mai oui, not always that filling.

As I grow older I find I tend to eat less but appreciate my food more.

  Cymro. 27 Mar 13

No one should have to leave any restaurant still hungry no matter how arty farty the place is It should be quality as well as quantity

  Aitchbee 27 Mar 13

Occasionally, when I'm really hungry [and 'eating out' inside a sit-down restaurant or pub diner], I order up a set meal for two [when it's 2 meals-for-the-price-of-one]. A 'brass-neck' is required but I have never been refused.

  finerty 03 Apr 13

I like my meat well cooked and cooked through, i never trust red meat or pinky flesh

  morddwyd 04 Apr 13

Before visiting a restaurant you should always try to ascertain if the head of the kitchen is a chef or an interior designer.

Far too many concentrate on what it looks like on the plate, rather than what it tastes like in the mouth.


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