Are you sick of your job?

  WhiteTruckMan 17:41 10 Apr 09

click here

Or are you like me and like it fine just the way it is.


  octal 17:47 10 Apr 09

Lovely, just before dinner.

  perpetual motion 17:50 10 Apr 09

UHH Gross!!!

mind u my brother in law works for a sewage farm in yorkshire & some of the things the pumps drag through like dead dogs/cats & they have to manualy pull the carcases out..YUCK!!

  Si_L 19:28 10 Apr 09

I wouldn't swap my job for anything, I love it. That said, it doesn't come with free rollercoaster access. I'll stick with what I've got though!

  dagnammit 19:34 10 Apr 09

I'd do it but I have a job.

  tullie 19:43 10 Apr 09

A top story from a quality newspaper?

  sunnystaines 20:38 10 Apr 09

a bit of a sick link that one.

  canarieslover 20:50 10 Apr 09

Quick, Quick,
he cats been sick,
Where? Where?
Under the chair.
Hasten, Hasten,
Fetch a basin.
Alack, Alas, Its much too late,
The carpets in an awful state,
Oh no, Its all in vain,
The cat just lapped it up again.


I don't know why I remembered this for sixty years.

  Al94 23:15 10 Apr 09

We've got a Star reader here, how awful!

  WhiteTruckMan 23:45 10 Apr 09

I just look at the pictures.


  Chegs ®™ 05:41 11 Apr 09

Cleaning up vomit isnt pleasant,but I had it to do most weekends as excessive drinking lead to vomiting passengers in the taxi.Anyone who has children will have cleaned up after them and "hardened" themselves to such vile tasks(at least thats what I told myself before starting)

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