Are you online

  peter99co 10:51 19 Nov 10

with your Gas and Electricity?

At present an estimated 13% of UK households are on an online energy plan.

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  Big L 266 11:01 19 Nov 10


I am indeed an online customer for my gas and electric. My company had a very limited fixed-term plan offering 30% off gas and electric which expires in April 2011.I immediately took advantage of this offer and have been more than pleasantly suprised at seeing the discounts on my last two bills.

With the next two bills due in January and April 2011, and given I'm a captive audience of one in my humble bungalow, and also for which I rarely venture far due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, dizzy spells and balance problems, I am more than grateful to have spotted this tariff which will save me a fortune over the next six months.

Big L 266

  jakimo 11:09 19 Nov 10

Yes,BG dual fuel supply,and never get an estimated bill,as I give them regular meter readings

  peter99co 11:21 19 Nov 10

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If you want a long explanation here it is.

I can only think there must be a better way!

  spuds 11:49 19 Nov 10

Not on-line mainly due to previous 'screw-ups' by the utility companies.

When I get the bills now, its usually a case of looking at them with a concerning eye, then querying them about the over-charge.

One thing that does annoy me, is the fact that most major companies are now insisting that you use on-line methods, and not doing so will produce a 'fine'. Once again, the people who cannot afford computers and internet services are being discriminated against. And please don't tell me that their are local library's and perhaps internet cafés.

My ISP have just told me that I 'must' have on-line billing otherwise its going to cost an extra £1.95 a month, and I must pay by continuing debit card payment now instead of previous credit card arrangement, otherwise I will have to pay a further 95p a month.

  interzone55 12:26 19 Nov 10

I can't see a problem with ISPs insisting on online billing, as you're online.

If you want a paper bill print the PDF bill out and waste your own paper.

As for direct debit or debit card payment rather than credit card, this is far cheaper for the ISP as there is a fixed charge for debit card payments rather than the % charge imposed on credit cards.

ISP margins are incredibly low, so anywhere they can make a saving is better for all in the long run...

  sunnystaines 12:54 19 Nov 10

yes get gas/elec bills online, and send in meter readings etc.......use brit gas.

  Pine Man 13:44 19 Nov 10

Yes - gas, electric, phone, internet, water, sewage, council tax, house insurance, car insurance, car tax, all banking, saving and investments.

If they do it I'll join in and the people that don't can subsidise my reduced payments;-)

  Brumas 14:56 19 Nov 10


  spuds 15:00 19 Nov 10

And if and when the national grid malfunctions, how will all these bills be paid?.

Modern technology is a marvelous thing!.

  peter99co 15:05 19 Nov 10

Npower got in touch by Snail Mail quick enough when I had a complaint. Even phoned once. I even got a refund this year!

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