Are you going to buy one of these

  woodchip 13:52 PM 12 Jul 13

When they come on sale New Hard Drives

  wiz-king 14:21 PM 12 Jul 13

No - I will wait the R version.

  Kevscar1 14:21 PM 12 Jul 13

No can you imagine how long to defrag.

  Aitchbee 17:38 PM 12 Jul 13

I would buy two ... in case one goes belly up.

  woodchip 13:47 PM 16 Jul 13

Kevscar1 You do not Defrag Solid State Memory Drives, SSD's

  bumpkin 20:17 PM 16 Jul 13

It will be in your bin in 10yrs time:-)

  mole1944 05:28 AM 17 Jul 13

Yes but how long is the lifetime guarantee, and how do they know it will last that long. Also it will probably superseded by something else by 2235, remember laser discs/floppy drives/zip drive.


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