Are we really getting rid of that detestable man "Abbu" ?at last?

  Bing.alau 05 Oct 12

Just saw on the news that the police have driven that one armed, one eyed cleric away somewhere. Let'e hope it is to the airport.

I hope there's not any chance of us having him or the other four who are supposed to be extradited with him, back here to darken our shores again.

  canarieslover 05 Oct 12

I'll believe it when the plane takes off!!!

  Bing.alau 05 Oct 12

canarieslover. I know what you mean exactly. With a bit of luck maybe they will be able to push him out half way across the Atlantic.

I wonder who I have upset saying that?

  Bing.alau 05 Oct 12

This one won't green tick either.

  Bing.alau 05 Oct 12

Can't we send his family with him to keep him company in his hour of need?

  Bing.alau 05 Oct 12

We would be well rid of them too. They all seem to be as detestable as their father.

  kad60 05 Oct 12

what reason would there be to send his family

his "right to a family life".!

It is obvious he suffers from claustrophobia therefore any attempt to incarcerate him is a severe infringement of his rights,irrespective of previous incarcerations.Surprised he did not use this or his right to a family life in his defence.

  Flak999 05 Oct 12


Can't we send his family with him to keep him company in his hour of need?

Agree completely, let's send the whole lot of them packing. Nothing but a drain on the country. I do so hope the Americans give him the welcome he so richly deserves!

Is Guantanamo still open for business?

  Woolwell 05 Oct 12

"If we were going to start removing people from their homes and shipping them off somewhere else just because of their religion"

Who stated or implied that? The last part of the sentence is bordering on offensive.

  Flak999 06 Oct 12

They are all gone! Oh happy day! I do hope he lives a very long life in solitary confinement in an American supermax facility! :)

  bluesbrother 06 Oct 12

Woolwell, totally disagree with you.

The last part of the sentence is very offensive.

The first part is just sheer stupidity.


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