Are we becoming a nation of yobs?

  oresome 20:52 26 Aug 06

My wife and daughter went to see a show last night.

On the way back, my daughter stopped at a take-away whilst my wife stayed in the car. She saw several men leave the pub across the road, walk 20 yards and then urinate in the shop doorway next to the take-away. Why not use the toilet before they leave the pub?

Meanwhile, my daughter was in the shop queue between two groups arguing as to whose family was the 'hardest'.

Travel half a mile from any of these take-aways and you see the discarded remains of the meals strewn about.

Are we just getting older, or are standards declining?

  Altruist 20:54 26 Aug 06

and standards are declining but, fortunately, it is, as yet, only a mindless minority. How to stop the rot I don't know.

  rdave13 20:57 26 Aug 06

Standards have been declining for many years I think. Thanks to the "soft" approach of our judicial system. Punishment today is a joke by anyone's standard.

  rsinbad 21:03 26 Aug 06

The lacking ingredient disapline

  €dstowe 21:21 26 Aug 06

Lucky they were only urinating.

I live in a quiet and, I suppose, upmarket village, nestling in the Sussex Downs. The other morning on the windowsill outside the local pub were three beer glasses filled with poo and another with a yellow liquid which I'm sure wasn't lager (although some people say you would be hard pressed to tell the difference) with a used rubber "thing" floating in it.

To answer your title question - undoubtedly.

  egapup 21:32 26 Aug 06

We're just about afraid to go out, the police dont care, well, they do if in a car and your speeding. All this yob culture started when they stopped smacking in schools.

  Jackcoms 21:35 26 Aug 06

"Are we becoming a nation of yobs?"

No, we BECAME a nation of yobs many years ago.

Bring back the cane or, ideally, the death penalty

  spuds 21:37 26 Aug 06

Regarding the urinating incident, our local police force and council cleansing department have a weekend bucket brigade. Anyone found urinating, vomiting or general discarding of litter have the option of cleaning the mess up, or being issued with a fine on the first offense.

Bit like a 'Boy George' event. More of this type of procedure should be a form of punishment for wrongdoers. Name and shame may solve some issues, rather rapidly!.

  ade.h 21:45 26 Aug 06

Someone should go and pee in their doorway. See how they like being treated in that way.

  Brumas 21:57 26 Aug 06

Yes, and whilst I do not condone it, I foresee more and more of the good, honest, law-abiding citizens thinking of VIGILANTISM (only thinking mind!) if and when the law fails them.

Having said that ,and without trying to sound alarmist, I don’t believe it will be a case of 'Mad Max' overnight - but unless we get back to decent behavior, respect for the law and other people and their property – what will prevent it?

  PUNKA 22:10 26 Aug 06

I wouldn't worry that much about yobs peeing in doorways, it's homegrown Terrorists living amongst us you should be worried about.They don't want to pee in your garden, they want to rule the country and tell YOU how to run your life their way.

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