Are those Orgasm Potatoes...

  Z1100 16:23 11 Apr 07

asked Nan. Well no, but they are Organic!

And that was how our Easter Break went...


  sean-278262 16:30 11 Apr 07

Ooooo Kayyyy. I'm just calling the men in the white coats with the straitjacket say they are now on their way to pick you up.


  lisa02 17:10 11 Apr 07

Eastenders' Honey Mitchell said the very same thing.

  Bingalau 19:10 11 Apr 07

My sister in law sent my wife a letter describing a new dress she had bought. One part actually read "The front is all paint and fasteners"

  interzone55 20:35 11 Apr 07

My Gran thought the Actors were Lesbians, now she may well have been correct, but I think she meant Thespians

Years ago I got a phone call from my uncle who was coming to stay for the week and he was calling to say he had run out of petrol and could I take some out to him.

*Where you calling from* I asked?

*I'm ringing you from the phone cossack in the village*

Always makes me think of him when I see Russian dancers on the telly'.

  Fred the flour grader 23:26 11 Apr 07

Once went on a course from work with a few of the lads and a couple of managers. One of the lads when asked after his evening meal in the hotel we were staying at, if he would like anything off the "sweet trolley" his reply.

"yes I will have the ghetto please"

He meant gateaux, daft sod. I can still remember 4 or 5 us heading straight to the toilet as we could not keep a straight face. Still brings a smile to my face now.

  TOPCAT® 00:37 12 Apr 07

next to my step-mother, several years ago. My brother called in to see her one day and got to chatting briefly with her new neighbours. He told Ma that from his conversation he thought they were lesbians and a couple of days later Ma bumped into them herself.

Being rather naive and shy of strangers until she knew them, and hopeless on geography too, she said, "Oh, hello!" "What part of Lesbia do you come from?" :o)) TC.

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