Are they British or Irish?

  Onizuka 16:44 30 Sep 11

On a number of trips to France in recent years I have often seen cars with Northern Irish number plates. They are easily identifiable by having three letters and four numbers (eg ABZ 1234) rather than the age identifying plates (eg AB61 XYZ) used in England, Scotland and Wales.

I have noticed a great many with a white oval “IRL” sticker on the rear of the car which is confusing as they are British registered vehicles. Cars registered in the Republic of Ireland have a completely different design of number plate.

Does anyone know why these Northern Irish vehicles have an Eire sticker when they should have either number plates with the EU symbol and “GB” on them as is now common in the rest of the UK, or failing that, a white oval “GB” sticker, as used to be required for vehicles travelling abroad before the introduction of the Euro-plate?

  spuds 16:59 30 Sep 11

Not sure about the correct answer, but Eire does have a system regarding imports and usage, plus vat payments on vehicles.

If you do not comply and are caught, then a fine or confiscation of the vehicle is possible. Usually the Eire Customs and Revenue deal with this, and have the powers to stop and check vehicles if they suspect any wrongdoings.

  zzzz999 19:12 30 Sep 11

They can stick whatever badge they want on their car.

  morddwyd 20:03 30 Sep 11

I still have a D on the back of my British registered bike.

Not a problem until I go across the water.

  wiz-king 20:22 30 Sep 11

They are European.

  loser7 20:47 30 Sep 11

Onizuka. Many people from Northern Ireland consider themselves to be British and many consider themselves to be Irish and as Rick'scafe already mentioned they can stick whatever badge they want on their car.

  sunnystaines 21:23 30 Sep 11

seen many camper vans with half dozen of these stickers on i presume one for each nation they visit.

also seen ones with eco i think it was and a small scots flag not sure what the letters stood for i would have thought it would be sco

  Al94 21:34 30 Sep 11

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