Are our policemen really so wondertful?

  Cymro. 16:06 10 Dec 10

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Surely this is police cruelty.
Yes I know that some of you will have no sympathy for him and say that he should not have been there and that policemen were also injured etc. I always thought there was some rule about policemen not being allowed to hit anybody about the head with their truncheons.

  peter99co 17:04 10 Dec 10

said her "extraordinarily idealistic and committed" son had been given advice by student union on how to stay safe.

They forgot to tell him to stay away from policemen.

  spuds 17:07 10 Dec 10

Reading the report, I would possibly suspect that the mother had a one sided opinion of events?.

I would offer one simple explanation, and that was her son suggested "someone would get killed". If he knew that, then why did he attend?.

  robgf 17:07 10 Dec 10

The only people the police seem to hit in news reports, are those pushing and surging forwards. So the simple answer, is don't attack the police and they will not hit you with their truncheons.

On a similar vein. The protesters attacking the treasury yesterday, were clearly visible. Why don't the police shoot them with baton rounds, or tranquilisers (if you want to be soft and fluffy). They could then remove the agitators and let the protest proceed peacefully.

  Cymro. 17:14 10 Dec 10

Perhaps because he was young, idealistic, committed and wanted to do something about his grievance rather than just sit on his backside complaining but doing nothing about it.

  johndrew 17:16 10 Dec 10

Given the behaviour of some 'students', if that is really what they are, and the demands made on TV to the effect they be allowed to behave as they want or Police will be attacked, I think many were very lucky not to have been in some countries. For instance had it been where an authoritarian regime ruled it is likely there would have been fatalities.

The first time they demonstrated, Police were reasonable but the 'students' took advantage, attacked police and buildings and failed to keep to the agreed route. This time, again with an agreed route, extreme provocation and deviation from the route occurred. I do not call pulling Police from their horses and stamping on them peaceful, nor swinging on the union flag at the Cenotaph or urinating in public.

If these are those who wish to hold positions of responsibility in society as a result of their higher education perhaps we should dramatically reduce opportunity and screen those wishing to be judged worthy of being allowed access to our universities/colleges.

  Cymro. 17:17 10 Dec 10

You must have fond memories of Northern Ireland.

  Cymro. 17:21 10 Dec 10

Am I to assume that is the sort of country that you would like the UK to become? Or perhaps you just want to adopt the police methods of those countries?

  spuds 17:38 10 Dec 10

Reading the report, I wonder if the two lecturer's had anything to do with the decision to attend. One I believe was a friend of the boy's mother!.

When people start urinating on public monuments, wrecking anything in their wake,and causing damage to innocent parties, then that goes from a peaceful protest to mob rule, usually with a very heavy clearance and administration bill after the event. If you are a tax-payer like I am, then we both might have paid for part of that bill. I wonder how many of the students or mob were prepared or capable of doing likewise?.

I am not against peaceful protests or demonstrations, I have done a few myself. But I have witnessed student demonstrations in South America and other places, and I can assure you that the police and militia are not all that gentle and understanding, as are the British police in these type of events.

  Cymro. 17:51 10 Dec 10

There is a lot in what you and others say, but I still come back to what I suggested in my opening post. Should policemen beat people about the head to the extent that those people suffer serious brain damage?

It matters little what police are like in South America or any other country. It has no baring on this case. This is the UK and we (or I do at any rate) expect better from out police force.

  ajm 18:12 10 Dec 10

Policemen here seem to be different to those in other parts of the world where I have lived or visited - East Africa, SE Asia!!!!

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