Archbishop of Canterbury has his say

  Cymro. 09 Jun 11

link text

So what do you think of this then?

Personally I think he has as much of a right to speak his mind as any of us. The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the government is committing Britain to "radical, long-term policies for which no-one voted".

  Cymro. 09 Jun 11

link text

Just so you all know the sort of man we are talking about.

  Nontek 09 Jun 11

As you say, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions, but I think Religion and Politics should be kept separate.

  Nontek 09 Jun 11

Mind you, having said that, I am neither Religious nor Political!

  Joseph Kerr 09 Jun 11

Nontek, everything and everyone is political. The church certainly is, and always has been, and our politics and law are steeped in religion in all sorts of ways.

Cymro, what are you getting at, exactly?

  Cymro. 09 Jun 11

Joseph Kerr asked Cymro, what are you getting at, exactly?

I posted the second link so that we all realize that intellectually the Bishop is a very much cleverer man than any of our present government. He is cleverer and a better educated than most and that includes many on this forum. I think he would do very well on this forum.

  Joseph Kerr 09 Jun 11

Maybe you should look into what he actually said on sharia law mr member. Here is a link to a transcript so that you may educate yourself:

Cymro - I couln't agree more.

  Cymro. 09 Jun 11

fourm member "signed up for the introduction of Sharia Law"

Well I don`t know much about putting money in piggy banks or Sharia Law but I bet he does. In fact I bet he knows a lot about it.

  sunnystaines 09 Jun 11

politics and relegion is a bad mix

  Joseph Kerr 09 Jun 11

Well good luck trying to separate them.

  Joseph Kerr 09 Jun 11

So only Christians pay any attention to him?

You're just talking now aren't you? You either know what he has said and dissaprove, as you have already implied, or you don't pay attention and so have precisely no reason to contribute to this thread.

Unfortuantley I fear you actually have no idea but dissaprove regardless.

And I hoped to commend you on commenting intelligently on my link.


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