apps with more flaws than windows

  sunny staines 23:20 30 Jan 06

click here

the above article makes good reading for security concerned readers

  Chegs ®™ 01:06 31 Jan 06

I read a bit recently where these security consultants were screaming about buffer overflows in all kinds of apps,this in big letters to catch the eye,but in the small print it informed the reader that these flaws were only exploitable via a particular method and OS which meant bug all of a risk to users of this "dangerously flawed software" The link you give hints towards the Sony rootkit,which is well documented online.The buffer overflow "exploits" are designed into apps,without them the app would crash if certain criteria were encountered inuse which would give the software writers an even bigger headache as folks would be slagging their products off willy-nilly.

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