Approval for mobiles on aircraft !!!!!

  barca1 13:07 26 Mar 08

Now this is about time,whilst it will be irritating for some its also a major step forwards for businessman/woman & just about anyone that fly's

click here

  anskyber 13:11 26 Mar 08


Yet another place where all you will hear is the inane babble of people who cannot speak with a quiet voice.

  Quickbeam 13:28 26 Mar 08

It's not just the booming voices... it's to repetitive prattle of what can be said using only 10% of the words used!

  walesrob 13:42 26 Mar 08

Those long peaceful flights to Hong Kong will now be a thing of the past...I can just picture the scene...."Hello...yeah we're still in the air, shouldn't be long now"...."We are about to take off now"..."We are about to land now"..."They are just serving lunch I'll call you back".

Agreed its a good idea for business people, so a good solution would be for airlines to charge a premium for using the service.

  Al94 13:46 26 Mar 08

Bad idea. The train's a nightmare listening to those shouted conversations. However, in reality, would there be a signal at 30,000ft in a metal tube? I think it may require airline technology for which the airlines will charge a small fortune and rightly so.

  belfman 13:47 26 Mar 08

Not that I fly often I agree with walesrob, charge a premium for the service plus I'd be wary of interference. I got edgy when I seen a bungling idiot in a suit trying to sneakily use his mobile during a flight.

  Stuartli 14:53 26 Mar 08

Phone services have been available on some commercial aircraft for many years - however it's never been a cheap exercise.

  Peripheral SQL 15:15 26 Mar 08

many premium customers who travel frequently have not been looking forward to mobiles being approved for use on board.
they say that it is one of the few times they get some respite from the office, and a chance to relax.
even first class passengers rarely use the satellite phones, despite cost being no object.
i'm sure business travelers will be as equally divided as the rest of us
it's not something i'm looking forward to

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:41 26 Mar 08


It was one of the last excuses I have for being "out of contact" for a while.

  rossgolf 19:21 26 Mar 08

orderin a take away for when you arrive bak to your house from holiday

"is that the Curry House?"!

  Bingalau 19:55 26 Mar 08

I'm surprised our FE hasn't contributed to this thread so far. I would have thought it was right up his street with all the travelling he does.

Maybe they should just have an enclosed cabin for the use of mobiles and then all the chatterers could congregate in the one place.

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