Applications to Reduce Blue Light Emissions

  morddwyd 08:03 15 Nov 15

I've just been reading about the problems blue light can cause at night, and the apps available to reduce them.

Anything in it? Decent evidence please, not "latest fad" rants".

I've seen most of the news feeds so looking for something a bit deeper.

I do use a Kindle app on my tablet for at least an hour before bed, and while I don't have trouble getting off, I do wake up in the night.

  john bunyan 08:39 15 Nov 15

What blue lights are on at night? We have a TV in the bedroom but there is a setting that turns off the red stand-by light. I turn my PC off at night and it is in a unit with a door.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 15 Nov 15

click here something to read

I don't have trouble getting off, I do wake up in the night.

So do I but its not the light - since about 40 very rarely make it though without one trip to the bathroom :0)

  Forum Editor 10:37 15 Nov 15

"I do use a Kindle app on my tablet for at least an hour before bed...."

That needs to stop if it's affecting your sleep pattern.

I read in bed, but I use a Kindle. There's no blue light emission.

This tells you about the blue light problem. You may have seen it, but others might be interested. Lots of people use tablets and laptops before going to sleep, and lots of them suffer from sleep disruption as a result

  Quickbeam 11:19 15 Nov 15

I use Audible for my bedtime reading in compkete darkness. With the timer set to 15 minutes, I'm guaranteed to drop off before the time is up!

  hssutton 11:25 15 Nov 15

I use my PC late at night, but there are 5 blue light setting on my monitor I normally have it set to 1 with zero being off. Never have problems sleeping

  morddwyd 11:55 15 Nov 15

Thanks all, especially Fruit Bat. That link was worth a read.

I'm reluctant to go back to a Kindle, the screen is a bit small and by the time I get the font to a size I can read I am only getting about 3 lines per page (my tablet is a 12.2)! I also use the tablet to look at the late news, next day's weather and my schedule. I also play a few games of patience.

There does appear to be something in it, so I'll start looking at the sleep aware apps

  spuds 14:44 15 Nov 15

I am not sure what type of light television's omit, but with the colder evenings, darker nights and more expensive fuel bills, its becoming more evident (around my location at least) that bedroom televisions are becoming more popular!.

  wee eddie 15:01 15 Nov 15

So, it comes down to this. If you wish to sleep well, read a real book

  Forum Editor 15:09 15 Nov 15


Blue light is emitted by all LED devices - phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs.

Because LED screens have only been around for a relatively short time, the long-term effects of blue light on us are not known. Incandescent light bulbs didn't emit so much blue light.

Quite apart from sleep inhibition, a reduction in Melatonin is linked to breast, ovarian, and Prostate cancers, so anything which suppresses melatonin production is a cause for concern.

  morddwyd 15:13 15 Nov 15

"So, it comes down to this. If you wish to sleep well, read a real book"

Unfortunately real books tend to be a bit limited in choice of font size. With a reading app font size is infinitely variable.

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