AOL Upgrade

  wolfie3000 19:31 08 Mar 06

I have been told a few months back that my aol silver account will be getting a speed up grade does anyone know when it will kick in and has anyone had theres yet?

  gudgulf 21:38 08 Mar 06

I'm on Gold and got my 1meg to 2meg upgrade three weeks ago......more than a week before the official letter telling me I had been upgraded!

  wolfie3000 21:50 08 Mar 06

well i hope they do mine soon as a online gamer i need as much speed as i can get.

lets hope i dont have to start ringing aol and pleading to them.

knowing my luck i will be upgraded at the last possible minute.

  CurlyWhirly 23:51 08 Mar 06

I am currently on Gold (2 mb) but as my telephone line can only support 1 Mb then I am pinning my hopes on BT's launch of Max DSL which is launched at the end of the month.

i'm doing a trial as we speak for 8mb broadband with aol..they are at the minute adjusting my line,so they can get the max out of it..oh and for gamers the upload will be quicker so less ping i think... down rx 8128 up tx 448..speed tests are all over the place but when i get a good one i will post it if you like.. regards akanic

  HondaMan 09:25 09 Mar 06

See this click here

Because of AOL's attitude, I left them and went to Force9.

You may find that your line will NOT accept 2Mb, but AOL will happily continue charge you for it.

  Diemmess 16:49 09 Mar 06

A couple of days ago Launched this confusing thread click here

I'm not sure that I got anywhere, but am reconciled to the general pattern around this district.

  CurlyWhirly 20:55 09 Mar 06

"You may find that your line will NOT accept 2Mb, but AOL will happily continue charge you for it."

That is EXACTLY what IS happening and apparently I can't downgrade until my 12 month contract is up in a couple of months time.

I will first of all wait to see if I CAN get 2 Mb when the Max DSL scheme is launched in a few weeks time but if not then when my 12 month contract is up I will downgrade to the Silver package which is £7 cheaper than what I'm paying now.

  CurlyWhirly 21:00 09 Mar 06

p.s yesterday I fitted a BT faceplate click here

It certainly is a much neater arrangement than using an ADSL filter and having wires trailing everywhere! Also allegedly it should help with my S/N ratio but only time will tell.

  wolfie3000 23:14 09 Mar 06

guess i just have to wait

  flyingbrit 05:16 10 Mar 06

The last time AOL upgraded me from 512 to 1 meg I was told it could be upto 6 months wait, and guess what, I must have been the last one to be upgraded 5 months 2 weeks down the line...and yes I'm still waiting to be upgraded to 2 meg.....britsdad.

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