AOL Help Line or Lack Of

  jul 21:01 25 Oct 08

Having been with AOL or AOHell as some refer it for over 6 years we thought we would change from DSL to Wireless well the new Router arrived and we installed it, had to get an ethernet usb adaptor and netgear wireless usb adaptor, but once we hd it we set the connection up, after about a week the Router had 2 red lights showing DSL and Internet.
Sp we did the usual checks then phoned up to get Help.
This is where we went wrong we phoned up. :P
we ran through our problem, got the usual well you must of changed something.
5 calls in total with varing degrees of Rubbish replies I did say if it was not sorted out we would leave and got for an Answer Fine and So
one aswer was its your phone line so we phoned bt no problem was found then and this was the last replie we could Take well it seems that there is a Problem with your internal wiring so we cannot help you,
In our First call we Stated that the Router had Failed or was broken, and the Wife whom has far more patience than me asked to speak to a manager to insist on a new Router well today it arrived and im posting this so My internal wiring must of fixed itself.
Rant over really I dont know why AOL have call centers really, as we found some of the replies to be far from helpful and some down right Rude.
Please AOL employ some people with Brains and who can communicate clearly so that your Customers can get Help when calling customer services

  24/7 21:06 25 Oct 08

Hello JUL, I think FE would move this to either Helproom or Consumer as its realy for that area of the forum sorry this isnt the help u might be looking for..

  rdave13 21:08 25 Oct 08

LoL. A good post. At least you got a replacement router.
Better to air your problems on this site I think, rather than AOL's help line,although in this case it was a dodgy router.

  jul 21:28 25 Oct 08

Yeah but I nearly had to sell my soul to get the new router if we had not isisted on One.

  rdave13 21:43 25 Oct 08

Not so I think. There's you, the AOL agent and your cool, calm and collective wife. 'Patience is a virtue, seldom found in woman, never in man'. The lady sorted it out so must be congratulated for doing so..LoL.

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