Anyone watching the cricket?

  eikonuj 03:52 26 Dec 10

Currently 87-8, we are playing well and the ozzies are on the back foot.
Come on boys.
Incidentally why are there a few union flags on show when it's England v Australia?

  Blackhat 05:15 26 Dec 10

Another coughing fit brings me here at silly O’Clock in the morning so I am watching the cricket, wow Aus all out for 98, come on England.

  Quickbeam 07:22 26 Dec 10

I'm confident in them, the last test was a one off.

The downside is that when England win anything, it gets difficult to get tickets as all the part time winner supporters come out of the woodwork. 20 years ago I could get 16 or so ashes tickets with no problems, now I struggle to get a small group in.

  onthelimit 09:32 26 Dec 10

Son lives in Sydney and has tickets for the final test. His father in law is an Aussie and is refusing to speak to anyone at the moment!

  johndrew 11:00 26 Dec 10

Wouldn't it be great if the Lions could keep this standard of play up. I would love to see them win the Ashes in Australia.

  Quiller. 13:16 26 Dec 10

via net book and headphones, trying not to disturb the other half.

Geoff Boycott comments were brilliant. Boring match, England no chance, 10 off one over.
Off he goes, boycott and wickets start to tumble. When questioned why he predicts to outcome
" you're the commentator, Iam the expert. Thats what I get paid for"

Humble pie for supper?

  peter99co 17:21 26 Dec 10

Boxing Day to Cricket Day.
Aus all out for 98?

  eikonuj 21:38 26 Dec 10

the cricket to start.
Can we capitalise on a magnificent start?
Only a couple of hours to find out.
I wonder if the spectators will have as many Aussies as yesterday?.....I doubt it.

  morddwyd 08:29 27 Dec 10

I hope to goodness England don't win, otherwise we'll all be reliving it for the next fifty years like the 1966 World Cup!

(All in fun!)

  peter99co 12:14 27 Dec 10

click here

Pity our football ref's are not as quick at making a sensible decision.

  peter99co 12:28 27 Dec 10

I am refering to the offence by Ponting not the no-ball

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