Anyone use Google as a home page

  Grey Goo 09:46 20 Feb 08

If so have you noticed that it takes a relatively long time to load on first opening. We have 3 comps in the house on a wireless router and all are displaying same symptoms. Trying to establish if it's Google or something this end, although Yahoo loads fast.

  lisa02 09:49 20 Feb 08

long time?

No, it's instant for me. Or faster than my eye can keep up with.

same as lisa02,
both ie7 and firefox,

  lisa02 10:02 20 Feb 08


I'd like to clarify that I have two eyes, LOL.

  octal 10:08 20 Feb 08

Mine never takes any more than a second to load, try clearing out your temp internet files and see if that speeds things up for you.

  Stuartli 10:30 20 Feb 08

Is there any particular reason why some people use Google as their home page?

I can't think of any logical reason for doing so - although no doubt someone will quickly put me right..:-)

  octal 11:01 20 Feb 08

In my case it just loads quickly when I start the computer, no other reason really.

If I use Virgin Media's home page it takes an age to load because of all the rubbish that loads with it.

  Woolwell 11:09 20 Feb 08


I have iGoogle as my Home page and that is because I can customise it and have news items from my preferred sources shown plus the weather, etc.

I don't find that it takes very long to open.

  MAJ 11:17 20 Feb 08

I have three homepages opening when IE7 starts, PCA, a mate's site and Google. They all load up in about 2.5 seconds (counting Mississippi-ly). I use Google as one of my homepages because, it's handy to have already loaded in a tab, I can't stand having search bars on my toolbars, so I've removed it from there.

  MAJ 11:28 20 Feb 08

Just for reference re: my last post. click here

  Noldi 11:43 20 Feb 08

I have to
Misses would not find anything. Favorites is a bit to deep in computer operation for her.
You click on the little orangey icon in the bottom LH corner of the screen and type in what you are looking for in the box under the big Google logo.
Just hope nobody moves the icon on the desktop.


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