Anyone tried upside down tomatoes ?

  Covergirl 22:43 30 Jul 10

I tried replanting one at about a foot high but it just tried to reach the light and I've got all sorts of funny shapes and twists.

Has anyone else had any success or is it a con / fad / marketing gimmick?

  Forum Editor 23:36 30 Jul 10

it's a fad, but it's fun to do, and an excellent way to grow tomatoes if you're short of space. I haven't tried it, but I will next year.

  jack 11:20 31 Jul 10

This years have four plants down side up.
Dont buy the online special grower though.

Large PET soft drinks bottles do the trick -
Cut a hole in the bottom pack in tomato grow bag compost.
Prick a hole either side about a third down from the neck.
Fashion a hanging hook from wire coat hanger
Find a hanging place
When the plantlets are ready to plant out - push in to the bottom and stand the bottle up side down to allow the root ball to develop.

Give them as good feed and Hang them.
Just like this
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  ams4127 18:47 31 Jul 10

Upside down tomatoes?

Is it April Fool's Day already?

  Grey Goo 22:42 31 Jul 10

All you need now is a Spaghetti tree and an Olive Oil well.

  lotvic 23:43 31 Jul 10

I like that, wish I'd known about upside-down tomatoes earlier.
Will definitely grow some. I think I'll paint the bottles, should protect the roots from hot sun as well as looking colourful.
ten green bottles, hanging on the wall, tra-la-la

Will grow flowers in them too, looks like they will make a good 'wall sock'. Busy-lizzies would look good, make extra holes all way up and plonk them in :)

Covergirl: Thank you for starting this thread :)

  BT 08:03 01 Aug 10

Certainly not a joke, you can buy them

click here

  jack 10:20 01 Aug 10

At£20.00 from JML they certainly are a joke, when you make them for nothing.

I didn't buy the 'pop' either- don't like fizzy drinks- I raided my neighbours recyle bin.

  lotvic 12:16 01 Aug 10

Milk containers, 4 or 6 pinters will do the same job as well. I could thread the 'holding bar' through the handle then wouldn't need to fashion a hanging hook.
jack you have set me off now - going to look in the bin and do some gardening :)

  ams4127 21:00 01 Aug 10

Has this world gone completely crazy? Thanks for the link BT, I would not have believed it otherwise.

(Exits, stage left, muttering to himself)

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