Anyone see about the new pictures of space

  Totally-braindead 15:36 03 Sep 07

Just saw the news today about a new chip that will allow terrestrial based telescopes produce a better image than even the hubble. Perhaps the £2 billion the hubble cost was wasted, but them whos to know that something like this would be invented.
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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:43 03 Sep 07

The telescope mirror is distorted to compensate for the distortion produced by our atmosphere.

Been used for sometime, see beginners guide to the COSMOS BBC1 Tuesday nights.

The new chip just does a better job of atmosphereic correction.

Cost of a new telescope using the system is approx one tenth of Hubble.

  sunny staines 15:43 03 Sep 07

pics are big improvement when you consider how far away the objects are

  amonra 16:27 03 Sep 07

The last lot of pics of earth taken from the space station were ruined, Somebody moved !

  Earthsea 16:39 03 Sep 07

The new chips are okay, but think I'll wait for the new JWST telescope I've ordered click here

  Forum Editor 17:37 03 Sep 07

Let me know how you get on with it, I fancy one in the garden.

  jack 19:56 03 Sep 07

I may be considered an old cynic but---
When we look at those wonderful images from Hubble or indeed perhaps in time from this new generation- we are looking at -now matter how one reads them - someones interpretations of data and editing/processing of the same according to the imagination of the guys doing it.
Yes - Artists impressions - Now I appreciate that past Art has been remarkably accurate when the probes got close to to Saturn/Jupiter etc.,or were the image editors simply being influenced by that past Art?
Just musing you understand

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