anyone recognise coin ?

  di di 19:11 31 May 07

a href="click here" target="_blank"> img src="click here" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"> /a>

  Forum Editor 19:14 31 May 07

for posting links.

click here

  di di 19:21 31 May 07

post the picture with just the click here link ?

  VoG II 19:29 31 May 07

It is your second 'click here'.

  wolfie3000 19:46 31 May 07

Its a groat,

Well i think it is as i remember playing with one as a child and my mother said it was.

  di di 19:50 31 May 07

whats a groat ?

  rezeeg 20:02 31 May 07

There's a £12.97 similar 'thank you' token selling for £1.50 on eBay - but no other description, unfortunately.

  45 Mart 21:34 31 May 07

A groat is an old English or Scottish silver coin worth 4 old pennies, with later issues being worth 8 or even 12 old pennies.
They were in use as legal tender until the late 1880's in England and the early 1900's in Scotland.
As the coin pictured has £14.97 as a value, it has to be dated after 1971.

  di di 21:40 31 May 07

can't be a groat then. i found it down the back of an old soafer we are changing just wanted to know what it may have been used for "token" for what ?

  sunny staines 21:43 31 May 07

a groat is one eight of a old penny, like a farthing is one quarter of an old penny.

  sunny staines 21:46 31 May 07

the picture is an old token from the seaside arcade machines from years ago. the tokens would come out instead of hoards of coins. you had to take the token to the cashier who would normally have a counter in the arcade and exchage for cash.

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