Anyone lost a missile???

  Seth Haniel 09:08 10 Nov 10

click here

A missile fired off the southern Californian coast has been caught on camera but even the Pentagon has not been able to confirm what it was.

  wiz-king 09:53 10 Nov 10

Phoned Tracy Island yet? Thunderbird 1 may have had a call.

  interzone55 09:57 10 Nov 10

It's probably just a really big firework...

  Quickbeam 10:54 10 Nov 10

Obviously it was a UFO then.

  Quickbeam 10:54 10 Nov 10 the literal sense.

  Seth Haniel 10:58 10 Nov 10

with hastily added "One expert in America believes he has solved the mystery of the unknown missile fired off the Californian coast on Monday - it was an optical illusion. "

no name of this expert though - probably to stop the panic :)

  Seth Haniel 11:22 10 Nov 10

The North American Aerospace Defence Command, NORAD, and U.S. Northern Command confirmed they "did not monitor any foreign military missile launch off the California coast yesterday -- that there was no threat to the U.S. homeland," Lapan said.

The Federal Aviation Administration ran radar replays from Monday afternoon across a large area west of Los Angeles and saw no sign of fast-moving, unidentified targets, Lapan said. And the FAA had no reports of unusual sightings from pilots in the area, he added.

Because there had been no clear answer as to the cause of the vapour trail, U.S. officials were still looking into the incident, Lapan said.

  jakimo 11:48 10 Nov 10

perhaps it was a sequence from the Xfiles being filmed

  Woolwell 11:50 10 Nov 10

For another take on it click here

  sunnystaines 11:54 10 Nov 10

where did it land? was it heading inland or out to the ocean?

the vapour trail looked like a rocket/missile not an aircraft.

perhaps some hapless sailor in a sub sat on the control panel by mistake and depress the lanchbutton or fire button what ever they call it.

may be test target for the laser 747, this was the most popular option on the news, did not want publicity unless it missed its terget.

  Noldi 11:58 10 Nov 10

Whos that English guy who hacked into the US computer system looking for UFOs. He could have been at it again and launched it by mistake.


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