Anyone got/had swine flu yet?

  user8 16:12 14 Jul 09

So has anyone had/got swine flu yet?

  smartpoly 16:19 14 Jul 09

give me a chance, havn't even had my leaflet yet!

  namtas 17:14 14 Jul 09


Some families will not be treating it in such a light manner. I understand that to date Seventeen people in the UK have died after contracting it and 335 people have been treated in hospital after contracting the virus

  user8 17:27 14 Jul 09

It's NOT a light manner, it's a serious question i'm asking forum members.
IF the FE feels it's inappropriate then he can lock the thread!

  Blackhat 17:34 14 Jul 09

My brother and his neighbour have been diagnosed as probable.

What gets me about all this is that the figures are always quoted as an increase in case numbers but nobody is saying how many of these cases have since recovered?

There can only be so many suffering at one time and the vast majority recover quite quickly from a mild flu with no lasting effects.

If the figures quote xxx number of cases then probably xxx-yy% actually have the swine flu at any one time.

The 17 UK deaths are unfortunate and most had underlying health problems but those numbers are a drop in the ocean compared with actual cases. Each year a few thousand die in the UK after contracting seasonal flu during winter (again with underlying health problems).

Time will tell how this virus progresses but for now there are a lot more other thing that you could pick up on a day to day basis that are a bigger threat.

  Forum Editor 17:36 14 Jul 09

I believe I have had it. I had all the symptoms about ten days ago, and giving in to my wife's repeated requests I finally 'phoned my GP. She said 'you have almost certainly got swine flu, but I can't be certain. Take it easy and let me know if you feel worse.'

I felt a bit rough for about three days - bad sore throat, but it got no worse, and I'm over it now. Who knows? It could just have been one of those summer viruses.

  user8 17:39 14 Jul 09

Could you un-tick this thread so others can see it's still "live"

  rossgolf 18:11 14 Jul 09

he cant, it goes into the archive if i remember correctly.

  Forum Editor 18:24 14 Jul 09

once it's ticked it stays ticked as far as I'm concerned, but people will still be able to add to it, and they'll do so of they feel inclined, and it's reasonably current.

  dukeboxhero 19:34 14 Jul 09

last week i started getting a realy sore throat ,sore neck , sneezing and a cough that got worst when i went to bed,luckily i was of work last week for a break,(some break) But apart from the sore ribs from coughing i seem to be over it,but like many others was it swine flu or just a virus? Because we all use the internet on here we can look up the symtoms, but i feel theres not been enough said on tv or radio about symtoms and what to do if you think you have swine flu.

  laurie53 20:17 14 Jul 09

"i feel theres not been enough said on tv or radio about symtoms and what to do if you think you have swine flu."

My God! What planet do you live on?

Major item on just about very news, current affairs, medical and science programme for the last six weeks or so.

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