Anyone else fallen out with Google lately...

  mooly 18:23 22 Jul 11

The latest Google Doodle seems to be yet another CPU draining animation. Yes it's clever... and I believe it showcases HTML5 but 40 to 60% CPU useage (AMD Turion64) just to have the Google home page as an open tab.

Do a Google search for "Google doodles high cpu" and you'll get the picture.

I defected to Bing a couple of weeks ago and tbh find I am preferring it. Seriously considering binning Google altogether.

  Forum Editor 18:30 22 Jul 11

"Seriously considering binning Google altogether."

'Cutting off your nose to spite your face' seems to be an appropriate response to that.

I have the Google homepage open now, and total CPU usage is running at 8%

  mooly 18:37 22 Jul 11

Just tried again with only one tab open at once...

Bing 1 to 4% useage.

Google 50% usage. Sometimes as high as 75% sometimes as low as 45%.

On a laptop (like mine) that would make a huge difference to battery life. The fan is on most of the time at that. With Bing it doesn't come on at all.

  interzone55 19:31 22 Jul 11


Let me guess, you're using an elderly version of Internet Explorer

If you use a new version of IE or Chrome then there's built in code to help render these animations.

My 5 year old dual-core Toshiba laptop was only showing 6% usage on the Google homepage whilst manipulating the animation

  mooly 19:46 22 Jul 11

I'm using IE9 and Vista. All patched and fully up to date. The laptop is 4.5 yrs old Acer Aspire with AMD Turion 64 and 2GB RAM.

I don't even have to set the animation off, just open the homepage.

  wiz-king 20:01 22 Jul 11

It's an animation? Not here it's not, just a small 3.5kb png file.

  AroundAgain 20:12 22 Jul 11

On my screen, the larger of the blue 'leaves', ie on the left, very slowly move round a bit, then back. Or is it my imagination ???

I don't know how to find the size of the image.

Running Win XP and Firefox

  interzone55 20:25 22 Jul 11


Try Chrome, it runs like a dream

  canarieslover 21:13 22 Jul 11

Using Chrome the Google home page with the 'mobile' that has been created takes about 4% of processor.

  mooly 07:08 23 Jul 11

Thanks folks... of course its gone this morning so 'till the next time.

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