Anyone for coffee?

  john bunyan 25 Feb 12

My local Nero coffee bar is a little more conservative. I hope comments are of a strictly censorious nature.

  sunnystaines 25 Feb 12

A nero has just opened in staines but not like that one.we also have two costas and a starbucks and many cafe places too. cannot see how a small town can support so many.

  Aitchbee 25 Feb 12

I prefer Colombian 100%, Arabica,black, full-bodied & strong, but gentle... beans.

  morddwyd 25 Feb 12

Small minded people. small minded customers!

  BT 26 Feb 12

Reminds me of when a friend of mine went into a Starbucks and was asked "Would you like to try a Brazilian" and replied to a very embarrassed assistant "No, I'll just have a coffee!"

  wiz-king 26 Feb 12

They must have changed a bit since the 60's! Don't remember the staff looking like that at the Nightingale or Saltbox cafe.

  Quickbeam 26 Feb 12

Yes, I'd erm, go back to her's for an, erm, a coffee...

She's only harmlessly taking the mocha-ry out of coffee houses.

  ordep 26 Feb 12

Sunnystaines. Are you going to to update your handle to Sunnystaines on thames;-)

  Input Overload 26 Feb 12

Storm in a tea (coffee cup). The lady in question seems happy to make a few bob out of it & if people are willing enough to drive miles to see her I can only wonder why.

  buteman 26 Feb 12

If you have got it flaunt it was the old saying and it is certainly good for trade.

I could even be tempted to go in there for a cuppa.

  sunnystaines 26 Feb 12


No This is a big waste of rate payers money having everything changed to include "on thames" the whole farce even reached national TV and papers.

I saw nothing wrong with the ali G image would often stand and watch the filming. In my working days sat on many panels in the council pity too late to have a go re this saga.


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