Anybody Buying The New Kindle Paperwhite?

  Bing.alau 30 Oct 12

I have just been browsing the information on the new Kindle Paperwhite. I have decided I am better off sticking with the normal Kindle I have already got, because the new one doesn't have audio for a start. It seems in the battle to get thinner and have a reduction in weight they have sacrificed other things.

No doubt our FE has also been tempted but I think he also will have decided against upgrading (in my opinion downgrading)

  canarieslover 30 Oct 12

As my Kindle is still O.K. I can see no reason whatsoever to change it. When it eventually does cease to work I will then consider all the options available at the time. Lack of audio doesn't bother me as I have a good mp3 player that also plays audio books, of more concern is that by making it thinner have they also cut battery capacity?

  woodchip 30 Oct 12

Paperwhite or Paperweight?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 30 Oct 12

Have the one after yours without speakers,

only missed them due to having borrowed one to try before buying. Didn't like the text reader voice much and not really enough room for a lot of mp3s although not sure what an audio book is like on the kindle speakers/ headphones.

Can't see the point of going to Paperwhite unless the old one dies.

Kindle browser got me out of trouble on holiday (I deliberately did not take phone laptop etc.) when I had a car problem and was able to solve by browsing a car forum using the Kindle.

  johndrew 30 Oct 12

As much as I can see substantial advantages with Kindle, the recent reports of 'freezing' have turned me off it. I see no point in having a 'book' I can't read after it has been near an electronic/radiation source. I am aware it doesn't happen to everyone but paper is definitely more reliable if heavier.

When the device is 'hardened' adequately and there have been no major reports of similar failures I may revisit the product.

  Forum Editor 30 Oct 12

You really should get into the habit of posting this kind of thread in Tech Consumer Advice - stay behind after school and write 100 lines.

It's here now however, so I'll not move it.

"No doubt our FE has also been tempted but I think he also will have decided against upgrading (in my opinion downgrading)"

You said it for me - at least in part. I wouldn't exactly call the Paperwhite version a downgrade, but I'm perfectly happy with the Kindle I've got. I can't see a good reason to change right now. I'm too excited about the iPad mini you're all buying me for C... oops! Nearly had to delete myself there.

  interzone55 30 Oct 12

No point changing for the sake of it, but the new paperwhite screen does look good, so it'll be an option when the time comes.

Lack of audio is no problem, I've never used the Kindle MP3 player, my last but three phone had a better MP3 player than the Kindle.

Battery life is not really a problem with a kindle either, as it's in the thousands of page-turns range, and can be charged by USB from your PC, something I have to do only once a month or so.

One feature I would find useful on the Paperwhite is the little LED lamp as I find reading at night when camping very difficult, as our tent light is quite dim, and my Cyba-lite LED torch is far too bright...

  Bing.alau 30 Oct 12

Sorry FE. But I thought this is the best forum to discuss the pro's and con's of it. I like the fact that it has an inbuilt light for reading at night. But the lack of audio means I can't play the music I have already put on mine. I like the keyboard too as I have always had trouble with touch screen devices. Even on my little net book I have to use a mouse instead of the pad thing.

I've never heard anything before about Kindles freezing either. Although someone did tell me to be careful when going through x-ray machines at airports etc. I've taken mine through a few times now and had no problems.

I will keep using this one until they bring out one which also does photo's in glorious technicolour. Then I will keep the two of them. One for Sunday best.

  Bing.alau 30 Oct 12

Can we all have a virtual whip round for the "iPad mini C...oops!" present for the FE. I will start the ball rolling with a virtual fiver. Ching. There you go...

  canarieslover 30 Oct 12


'One feature I would find useful on the Paperwhite is the little LED lamp'

I got a clip on LED light from £1 shop that does the job brilliantly.(pun intended)

  Bing.alau 30 Oct 12

The new Paperwhite has a built in light so doesn't need a clip on light.


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